Keynote presentations

Mindfulness Meditation Toronto's founders Drs. Lhotsky and Turner are experienced presenters.  They have appeared on NBC's The Today Show, CBC television and radio programs, Canada AM and have spoken at numerous events for insurance companies, retirement planners, teachers' associations, university forums, women's health conferences, among others.

Here is a sampling of topics that can be delivered in 45- to 90-minute presentations and also in more comprehensive half- or full-day sessions. These keynote presentations are suitable for employee conferences, sales meetings, organizational functions, professional association development workshops, teacher seminars and social club events.

Sample keynote presentation topics:

  • Stress: The Spice of Life
  • The Mindfulness Break
  • The Juggling Act: How to Really Make Work-Life Balance Happen
  • Stressproofing 101: Developing a Healthier Relationship to Stress
  • The 3 Rs of Mindfulness in the Workplace: Relax, Refresh, Refocus
  • The Science of Mindfulness

 We are also able to tailor a presentation to the specific needs and interests of your organization.  Please call 647.391.7172 or email us for more information.

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"Dr. Lhotsky and Dr. Turner taught us the basics of sitting meditation and then made a presentation on current brain research and meditation that was fascinating. After that, meditating really made sense in a very practical way. If I exercise and eat well, why wouldn't I also take care of my mind! Thank you!"

Ed B age 51 / Marketing Manager