Frequently asked questions

Q. I’ve never meditated before. What should I do to prepare?

A. Come with an open mind. Set aside the eight class times and commit to attend all or as many as you possibly can. If you would like to read something before the program begins, we suggest “Full Catastrophe Living” by Jon Kabat-Zinn.

Q. How large are the classes?

A. Usually 15 to 20 participants.

Q. What should I bring to class?

A. Bring a yoga mat and light blanket, and bring or wear comfortable clothes. We do some simple yoga exercises in several classes.

Q. I have back pain. Will I be able to participate?

A. Yes. We provide chairs for everyone, as well as meditation cushions for sitting on the floor, if you choose to do so. We want you to be as comfortable as possible.  Practicing mindfulness meditation is more important than the physical position in which you do it.

Q. What if I am unable to attend all the classes?

A. We encourage you, if at all possible, to attend all classes. If you must miss one, let us know and we will provide you with information on that week’s exercises and home practice assignment.

Q. How much time will the home practice take?

A. Each week, we make suggestions about what to practice between classes. We recommend that you try to practice at least ten minutes and up to 45 minutes a day, but it is ultimately up to you. As with learning to play an instrument or a sport, the more you practice, the more you make something your own and the more you get from it!

Q. Are there any age restrictions?

A. We have had participants who range in age from 18 to 85.  If a child under the age of 18 wishes to participate, his or her parent must attend the program at the same time.

Q. How will I benefit from your program?

A. If you feel stressed, overwhelmed or anxious; if you suffer from high blood pressure, sleeplessness or depression, you can benefit from this program. Participants repeatedly tell us that they feel calmer and more focused, sleep better and are more present in their lives.

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