Graduate retreats

Graduates of our 8-Week Core Program are welcome to participate in half-day and full-day silent retreats.

These retreats provide participants with a more intensive experience of mindfulness meditation. While the idea of sitting in silence for several hours may initially seem daunting, many of our participants are pleasantly surprised by how calming, focusing and refreshing the experience is. They also come away with a deeper understanding of mindfulness meditation, its unique meaning for them and renewed energy to continue practicing.

The fee for a half-day retreat is $80.       



For information on the next retreat, go to our upcoming programs page.






"I really enjoy the meditation retreats led by Miroslava and Judy. Initially, I could not  imagine that I would be able to sit and meditate for long periods of time, but their guidance was very reassuring. I emerged calmer and more centred and I'm looking forward to the next one".

Linda L 52  business consultant