What participants say

Mindfulness meditation improves the lives of our participants in varied and unique ways. We hope you find these quotes helpful in understanding the many benefits of mindfulness meditation.

Developing more resilience to stress...

"I am just your regular stressed out business geek who works too much and rests too little. I sure didn't have time for an 8-week course! But when my wife heard our doctor say that I was a heart attack waiting to happen, she signed both of us up for the core program and it really has been amazing! I truly do feel calmer and more focused at work and I seem to get a lot more done in a lot less time. I don't even yell at the bad drivers slowing me down anymore! I just breathe instead."

Joel R age 39 / dentist

Creating more work-home balance...

"I've been experiencing some significant challenges lately and am inclined to be a typical type A personality. I find it hard to turn off my mind and relax. On a whim, I signed up for MMT's 8-week course. I honestly thought it would just be a good way to escape from my young daughters for a few hours! In fact, the program was amazing and brought a peace that I can rarely find elsewhere. It has helped me step back a little when I am really stressed out. I now have a calm place to go, even if just for a minute. I really enjoy the practice and would encourage everyone to give it a try."

Susan M age 36 / vp marketing

Lowering blood pressure...

"I have experienced the remarkable impact mindfulness meditation can have on physical functioning. At a recent medical appointment, my blood pressure was very high. Then I closed my eyes and took several deep mindful breaths with the result that the second reading was much lower, back in the normal range! It was really amazing to my family physician."

George H age 57 / computer programmer

Easing worry and fear...

"Last year, my husband was diagnosed with cancer and I was overwhelmed with fear. Meditation just did not enter my mind as a solution to my stress. It was inconceivable to me that I could sit still for any period of time, much less clear my mind of the constant worries. But I put myself in Miroslava's and Judy's capable hands and was amazed how over time I was and am able to clear my mind and actually not worry about anything."

Linda L age 63 / business consultant

Making calmer decisions...

"Navigating all the opportunities available to you in your twenties can be daunting! My mindfulness practice has not only helped me to relate more positively to daily stressors but has also given me tools to ensure that the decisions I make about my future come from a place of greater self knowledge and awareness".

Kate Q age 25 / graduate student

Eating more mindfully...

"I had a eureka moment while taking the mindfulness course! I have always struggled with my weight and get freaked out and overwhelmed by the idea of dieting. While doing the home practice one day, I realized that I could just practice eating moment by moment like we do the breathing. It just didn't seem so impossible anymore and I am slowly but surely losing weight and learning to eat more mindfully".

Margaret S age 38 / real estate agent

Achieving better sleep and less anxiety...

"I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and experience a lot of sleep disturbance and also anxiety and panic attacks. The mindfulness course has really helped me learn to calm myself and to sleep better. I am so grateful to feel that there is something I can do when I am awake in the night or feeling panicked. I can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel."

Gillian H age 29 / doctoral candidate

Preventing relapse into depression...

"I have struggled with depression most of my life. The mindfulness meditation is an amazing tool that really helps me to quiet down the negative self-talk in my mind. When I am feeling down, I can practice my breathing and bring myself back from worrying about the past and the future and just be in the present. It is so comforting to know that there is something I can do for myself in those moments."

Elizabeth B age 41 / stay-at-home mom

Coping with medical conditions...

“When I had my surgery, I was able to find a little quiet spot inside, breathe and be calm. That alone made it worth the money.”

Gail G / age 67 executive assistant

“Thank god, I have my meditation! I could not have coped without it, when I was told that I had ovarian cancer. I meditate during chemo, before and after surgery and I find that because of my meditation, my whole family is calmer as we move through this difficult time.”

Marilyn A age 63 / retired business owner

Becoming more focused...

"I was feeling very distracted and unproductive at work; I couldn't seem to keep my mind focused on anything for very long. A colleague told me about MMT's 8-week program. While I was initially quite skeptical, I saw the difference it had made for him and decided to enroll. I have been amazed at the difference it's made for me. I feel calmer, more focused and am actually enjoying what I am doing for the first time in a long while".

Ben D age 44 / HR executive

Navigating life's transitions...

"I recently celebrated my 80th birthday and MMT's mindfulness program really helped me move gracefully through that milestone. Practicing mindfulness has given me a richer perspective on growing older and a deeper knowing that being present in every moment really is what makes life full and truly joyful!"

Douglas G age 80 / retired social work consultant

Finding more joie de vivre...

"I took the course to try to deal with my insomnia. I am less stressed and to my amazement, I do sleep better! But the real benefit for me goes much deeper. I simply am in the present moment much more of the time; I am less consumed with what happened yesterday or what might happen tomorrow. I am able to stop and appreciate the beauty of life that is happening around me right now --in a snowflake, a spring flower, or a summer sunset. For me, that is the true value of this program. I found my joie de vivre again!"

Martha T age 49 / elementary school teacher

The benefits of mindfulness meditation are many—ranging from better sleeping to becoming more stress-resilient to pain management to simply enjoying your daily life more!

"...the program was amazing and brought a peace that I can rarely find elsewhere."

"I truly do feel calmer and more focused at work and I seem to get a lot more done in a lot less time."

"I am so grateful to feel that there is something I can do when I am awake in the night or feeling panicked."