Corporate programs

Corporations as diverse as Deutsche Bank, Google and Hughes Aircraft are offering classes in mindfulness meditation to their employees.

Why? Studies prove that mindfulness training enhances brain functioning, concentration and memory, while preventing stress-related illness and reducing absenteeism. It also helps regulate emotions, allowing for smoother interpersonal interactions.

Mindfulness Meditation Toronto offers:

  • Employee workshops 
  • Special events: for business meetings, organizations and professional associations
  • Keynote presentations

To learn more about mindfulness meditation and its benefits, go to what is mindfulness meditation?

Read about the group facilitators at who we are.

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“In my wired world of cell phones, blackberries, and text-messaging where I am constantly bombarded by messages, it was a huge relief to just experience my own thoughts and feelings in silence. It was a 'massage for the mind'.”      

Tom D  43 / Account Executive