Special events

If you are planning a special event for your professional association, business group or social club, be sure to include a Mindfulness Meditation break. This will give your employees, customers, colleagues and association members a chance to de-stress and re-energize.

They will not only learn how mindfulness meditation can make them calmer, sharper and more focused in the workplace and at home, they will experience it for themselves.


Three ways to incorporate mindfulness meditation into your event:

  1. set aside a room for a participative mini-workshop on mindfulness meditation
  2. build a mindfulness session into the wellness component of your event
  3. offer a mindfulness meditation presentation as part of your main program 

Dr. Lhotsky and Dr. Turner are experienced presenters, remarked on for the breadth of their knowledge and the warmth and humour of their presentations.

See a sampling of keynote presentations.

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